The Piano The piano groans under the curled fingers of the girl hunched over the keys. Her hair hangs long, dark and matted around her shoulders: she is young, but traces of grey are coming through the roots of her hair. She looks cool to the touch, of course she will be cold, it’s always […]

General Aung San is Assassinated The extreme nature of dictatorship in Burma, is seen through Luc Besson’s political drama The Lady. Luc Besson uses Cinema du look along with his auteur style to show the assassination of General Aung San and his cabinet members. In this scene, General Aung San along with his brother and […]

Friday, 18 August Scene analysis: General Aung San is assassinated What is happening in this scene? (Give Context) General Aung San is meeting with his cabinet members to bring Burma into independence from Britain. Military rebels who do not want to see democracy in the country and in fact would prefer military dictatorship stays in […]

Practice scene analysis: Aung San Suu Kyi is placed under house arrest 1) Scene 1: General Ne Win hands Aung San Suu Kyi over to his military commander: What is taking place in the opening of this scene? What are General Ne Win’s concerns? How does General Ne Win’s military commander react to his his […]

Friday, 11 August   Practice scene analysis: General Ne Win’s suspicions and control 1) Scene 1: First impressions of General Ne Win: What is he doing when he is first introduced? What do you hear? (verbal techniques) What do you see? (visual techniques) Finding out information about Sui. Will guarded-government building. Set design visually showing […]

Literature is most successful when it is dealing with the big issues of the world. Barbra Demicks’ profound novel ‘Nothing to Envy’ gives readers shocking insight into the issues of the world today and how we have not learned from our past. Nothing to Envy is a prime example of how successful literature occurs when […]

“Everyone you meet has an effect on your life, in big and small ways, in ways you don’t realise in hindsight, at the first greeting or the first handshake or maybe never at all. No person you meet is truly not worth it. It is quite enough that people were in your life, if even […]

1:Central to the purpose of a text is the examination of a relationship in conflict. “In the futuristic dystopia imagined in 1984, George Orwell wrote of a world where the only colour to be found was in the propaganda posters. Such is the case in North Korea.” Barbara Demick’s 2009 part novelization ‘Nothing to Envy’ […]

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